Jerusalem Financing Facility

(Matching Grant program)
Given their vital role in economic and social development, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lie at the heart of the Palestinian economy. That is why, at PsDF, we believe the economy of the city of Jerusalem to be largely dependent on maintaining efficient and ever-growing SMEs. We also consider that such enterprises can only be sustained by enhancing their administrative, financial and operational efficiency, which, in turn, will increase employment opportunities for Jerusalemites, boost commercial and economic activity in the city and consolidate the steadfastness of its Palestinian residents.

As such, through PsDF, the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) launched, in early 2014 till 2017, the first phase of the EU-funded Jerusalem Facility to support small and medium-sized enterprises. Following the success of the first stage, PIF and the European Union decided to launch a second phase of the Jerusalem Finance Facility, which targets the small and medium-sized Jerusalem businesses that operate mainly in a number of economic sectors, including: tourism, industry, services, trade, information technology, workshops, crafts, And tourist transport. The program provides financing in the form of matching-grants to businesses that prove their ability to implement its expansion plan and develop its business activities in order to achieve sustainable growth and sustain/create jobs for people in the Holy City and its surroundings. 
Eligible Financing Uses: 
  1. Purchase of supplies, equipment and machinery 
  2. Consulting Services 
  3. Marketing and product development
  4. Going Green initiatives
  5. Human Resource Training
  6. New Hiring of Young Professionals
  7. Improving legal, tax and accounting structure
  8. Improving Business Premises
  9. Innovative requests from MSMEs 
The Eligibility Criteria, General View: 
  1. Feasible business idea for start-ups, a proven business model and healthy financial position for existing venture. 
  2. Feasible business ideas that will be able to boost financial performance and help the businesses to become sustainable - in cases where no healthy financial performance is found/proven business model.
  3. Acceptable growth and development potential.
  4. Supporting and sustaining the existence of Palestinian businesses in East Jerusalem.
  5. Capable and experienced management or have the tolerance to absorb new knowledge and improving toward institutional way of business.
  6. Acceptable legal structure and registration.
  7. Financing must be employed to eligible uses only.
  8. Meet the matching requirement, seriousness of applicant and willingness to invest from their own resources.
  9. The applicant must be owned by Palestinian Jerusalemites and registered in East Jerusalem – Including inside municipality areas, surrounding villages and districts. 
  10. Additional focus will be given to small scale businesses with higher impacts, projects that support preserving the city cultural/social heritage, preserving the Palestinian character in the city, eco-friendly projects and businesses adopting going green initiatives.

Videos of success stories

Jerusalem Facility ـ PSDF 1
Jerusalem Facility ـ PSDF 2
Jerusalem Facility ـ PSDF 3

Applications that do not meet the facility's general and specific criteria will not be considered.

Section 1: About the Business/Company
Startup Existing Business
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Yes No
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Financial Performance
Yearly Revenues/Sales (ILS)
Net Profit/Loss (ILS)
Section 2: Financing needs
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Section 3: Responsibility in front of the facility management
I hereby certify through the signature below that all the information presented in the application mentioned above, are correct and actual. I understand that the facility management will reject the funding request if any of the disclosures in this application are found to be untrue.
NOTE: Please do not request updates about application status before 3 weeks from the date of submission.