Jerusalem SMEs Financing Facility – Oxfam/PsDF
Given their vital role in economic and social development, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lie at the heart of the Palestinian economy. That is why, at PsDF, we believe the economy of the city of Jerusalem to be largely dependent on maintaining efficient and ever-growing SMEs. We also consider that such enterprises can only be sustained by enhancing their administrative, financial and operational efficiency, which, in turn, will increase employment opportunities for Jerusalemites, boost commercial and economic activity in the city and consolidate the steadfastness of its Palestinian residents.
PsDF, in collaboration with Oxfam  with the financial support from SIDA, agreed to provide financing for small and medium businesses working to implement its expansion plan and develop its business activities. The program targets SMEs that operate mainly in a number of economic sectors including tourism, industry, trade, information technology, services, workshops and crafts.
In the current phase, the program provides support mainly to finance the purchase of equipment and machinery that will have an impact on supporting the progress of work, developing the project or assisting in the establishment of new ones. The average funding available is $ 10,000 (Matching concept - minimum 30% matching by the beneficiary).
    ** The size of the financing might be subject to VAT deductions according to the applicable laws.
General Eligibility Criteria: 
  1. Feasible/Viable business idea for start-ups, a proven business model and acceptable financial position for existing venture. 
  2. Feasible business ideas that will be able to improve financial performance and reflect the loses suffered previously to at least a stage where the business becomes sustainable - in cases where no healthy financial performance is found/proven business model.
  3. Acceptable growth and development potential, priority will be given to small scale businesses with higher impacts, projects that support preserving the city cultural/social heritage or creating jobs for less fortune societies.
  4. Supporting and sustaining the existence of Palestinian businesses in East Jerusalem.
  5. Capable and experienced management, or have the tolerance to absorb new knowledge and improving toward institutional way of business.
  6. Acceptable legal status.
  7. including encouraging going green initiatives, introducing new technology and work toward achieving gender balance.
  8. Project should be in Jerusalem area, Jerusalem city ,surrounding villages and districts.
  9. Financing must be employed to eligible uses only,1- purchasing machines &tools,2-Developing products and marketing.
  10. Meet the matching requirement, applicant’s willingness to invest from their own resources.